Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month (Domestic Violence Resources)

Teen Dating Violence Awareness - 4x3

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month.

Our desire is that people enjoy healthy relationships, which are full of honor, safety, understanding, and respect, and we believe that this is what Jesus desires for us as well. Following His teachings about love and how to treat others is foundational to healthy relationships.

Unfortunately though, many of us know people who are struggling in unhealthy and sometimes dangerous relationships. And so, we’ve brought in Laura S. Williams, a survivor of domestic violence and our resident expert, to share with us how to help in dangerous situations. She has graciously provided us with the resource link below. It’s a PDF packet with important information about the warning signs of domestic violence. Click the link to learn more.

Domestic Violence Resources

Cycle of Violence

Do you need help?

If you need help getting relief from a dangerous relationship, there are organizations that can help. Below we’ve linked to two local safe houses. When you’re able to safely visit their websites, feel free to do so.

SafeHouse of Seminole County:
24 Hour Crisis Hotline: 407-330-3933

Harbor House of Orange County:
24 Hour Crisis Hotline: (407) 886-2856 or (800) 500-1119

Suplemental Resource

Though not specifically related to dating or domestic violence, here is a supplemental resource related to teen texting. Give it a look when you have a chance.

Teen Texting – The Ruin of Romance

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Pastorism from “My New Year’s Prayer for You” – 12/29/13


That’s right, “pastorism.”

Here are a collection of the most quotable moments from last Sunday.

Key Thoughts from Sunday Morning

“Deciding where you work out isn’t about working out, but spreading the gospel.”

“There are people who look spiritually strong on the outside, but they weren’t. The goal is to be spiritually strong on the inside.”

“My prayer is that you be strong in the Lord.”

“We have no protection on our back, because we are to be charging not retreating.”

“Until the pain to remain the same, exceeds the pain to change, people will tend to remain the same. Are you ready to exercise your spiritual disciplines?”

“God has a plan for your life. So does Satan”

“Who has you wrapped around their little finger? Show me your date book and check book and the answer will be clear.”

“I pray you have a deep root system. Pillars last, furniture doesn’t. Do you want to be a pillar or a piece of furniture?”

“Decide to be a pillar in the church.”

“Saturate yourself with God. Be like a chocolate covered pretzel where you can hardly tell what’s under all that chocolate.”

“Love your enemies, bless those who curse you.” – Jesus

“Meekness is strength under control.”

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How did all the animals fit in the ark?

Noah & Sons

This past week, Pastor Williams shared a message entitled “Noah & Sons.” It’s the latest message in our Hall of Fame series based on Hebrews 11. Noah was a man of tremendous faith in challenging days. It had never rained before (and probably never flooded, either), and yet God tells him that it’s going to rain and the whole earth will be covered in water.  God tells Noah to build an enormous ship big enough to hold his entire family and the animals that would be needed to replenish the earth.  It takes Noah 100 years to build this boat! For years, he is mocked and laughed at, yet he continues to demonstrate great faith in God…faith worth emulating.

So, how did all the animals fit in the ark?

Today, many of us may still wonder how all of those animals fit inside the boat. It’s questions like this that cause us to be a little hesitant to accept the biblical story as accurate. But, simple science and simple math reveal how this is possible. You can believe that the story is true…and therefore, that the Bible is true!

Check out this video that explains how the animals all fit…

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