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At our church, we want to make sure that our guests feel welcomed and wanted. So, we’ve recently changed some things up at our 11:00am service. Did you notice?

Here are a few changes that we’ve made to enhance the guest experience at our service.

The End of an Era: No More Announcement Videos

The announcement videos were great! They were a helpful resource. They helped convey important information to our regulars… and therein lies the need for a change. The very first piece of programming that guests experienced at the outset of the service wasn’t really for them. The announcement videos were for us, the people who already read the bulletin, see the pre-service slides in the lobby, see the pre-service slides in the auditorium, visit the church Facebook page, get calls and text reminders about events from our friends, and basically know what’s going on. So, it’s time to retire the announcement videos for now. I’m not saying that they didn’t serve a purpose or that they weren’t good. Honestly, I enjoyed making them. I enjoy being the “voice behind the curtain” so-to-speak. Doing voiceovers is awesome. But, we want to prioritize making our guests feel welcomed and wanted. Thus, the change.

Prioritizing the Guest Experience

So now, we’re opening up our 11:00am service with a welcome video. We think it will helpfully welcome our guests and engage them early. It should be a good set up for the opening song and handshaking time, which is already a hallmark of our welcoming experience. So, enjoy that welcome video, and get ready to welcome our guests with a friendly smile and a firm handshake.

And then, we’ve also upgraded our guest gift. Many of you have read with us The Purpose Driven Life, and you’ve been greatly inspired by it. Well, we now offer a taste of the book in a booklet entitled What on Earth Am I Here for?. It’s a great introduction to God’s plan for us all. And of course, we sweeten the gift bag with a handful of quality chocolate nuggets from Hershey. Our guests can even enjoy them during the service if they get a little hungry.

On top of the church service experience, we also touch base with our new friends during the week. We send a welcome postcard their way as well as a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies. Everyone enjoys the cookies!

Summing It All Up

So there you have it, we’re enhancing our guest experience. The video announcements were fun, but we don’t really need them, and this transition frees up our staff to focus on other areas of ministry. Now, let’s get out there and make our guests feel welcomed and wanted!

(Contributed by Jonathan Williams).

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Upcoming Events

Here’s a look at the many things we have scheduled in the near future!

24 Special REACH service
31REACH youth service
1Hearts on fire
5Church bowling league begins,Griefshare:fall session begins
7REACH youth service
14REACH youth service
16LCS orientation
LCS school year begins

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Just because our youth are going to camp doesn’t mean we aren’t having youth group! We meet at the same time ,7:00pm, in the same location to do something radically different for our God. Plan on joining us this week at the REACH ministry!

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Refuge Camp


This week our youth our going to the Refuge Youth Camp for a week of fun,fellowship, and growth in God. Please keep them in prayer so their hearts may be prepared for what God has for them.

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Volunteer Appreciation

Tomorrow night we are having a special dinner in honor of our volunteers.
Volunteers: no matter how big or small the task u did, please plan to join us as we show our gratitude for all you have done.

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This is week three of our summer program REACH! In our first weeks we learned about REACHING for God and then how we should REACH to others. Invite your friends as we all walk on this journey with God this summer.

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Week one of our new summer student gathering, REACH, was a great success! The student-led worship was off the hook. The preaching of God’s Word met us where we were, and challenged us to REACH toward God in these next weeks. And, the small group session after it all allowed us to talk over the things we heard throughout the night and make a game plan to apply it to our lives.

Week two is right around the corner! We encourage the youth to invite their friends and family to join us this Wednesday at 7:00pm to worship God and get closer to Him through His word.

So? What are you waiting for? Go! REACH out to those around you, so they too can experience what God is going to do this summer.

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Family movie night!

Tomorrow we are hosting a FREE family movie night. Please plan to join us as we see Facing the Giants in the gym! Doors open at 6:30pm and concessions will be available for purchase. Thank you, and God bless.


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Tonight starts our new summer youth program: Reach! Come join us as we start off this new 10 week program designed to reach the youth in our community. Invite a friend so that they too can be a part of this great summer event. Doors will be open at 7:00pm in the gym! God bless and have a great summer.


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$5 Faith Launch Initiative

Introducing… The $5 Faith Launch Initiative

$5 Faith Launch InitiativeEvery one of us has seen the “$5 Foot Long” commercial that Subway has used so effectively to promote their sub sandwiches.  Well, we are going to take a page out of their playbook to challenge all of the Christ Followers in our church to experience a “$5 Faith Launch” for the coming year to advance our mission work around the world.  Everyone in our church can be a part of this new faith adventure, and everyone should be a part.

For years, we have simply told our people to pray and ask God how much they should give to send the Gospel message to the many people across the globe who have never heard of Jesus Christ and His salvation.  This year, we are banding together with one heart and one goal, and that goal is for every believer in our fellowship to launch out by faith and give $5.00 more every week to missions than they gave last year.

There are some new Christ Followers in our church who would say, “But I haven’t been giving anything to missions.”  That’s ok!  Now, is the time to start giving, and all we are asking you to give is $5.00 per week to get the Gospel to the unreached people groups of the world.  Most Americans waste more than $5.00 every week on cokes, candy, coffee, cookies, and chips.  We all do it!  Even here in Sanford, FL. Let’s sacrifice a little of our physical “wants” so that we can help meet the spiritual “needs” of the world’s poorest people.

Others of you in our church have been giving to missions for years, and you are giving quite a substantial amount at this time.  We are challenging you once again to step out by faith and trust God just a little bit more than you did last year.  We realize that it has been a sacrifice for you to increase your missions giving these last few years as we have all endured this economic crisis together.  But God has been faithful, and He has not rescinded the Great Commission.  So let’s dig a little deeper, tighten our belts, and spearhead the “$5.00 Faith Launch” for the newer believers in our church.

We encourage you to participate in every event that is offered during this Missions Emphasis Weekend.  You will want to be a part of every activity and get to know the Taylor Family personally.

For the Sake of the Call,

The Pastoral Team

Missions Emphasis Weekend Schedule

o Friday @ 6:45pm: International Dinner 
       Everyone should bring a foreign food to share.
o Saturday @ 12:00pm: Ladies’ Luncheon (At Patio Grill in Sanford)
o Saturday @ 6:00pm: Men’s BBQ (At Carlos Duncan’s Home, 2432 Mellonville Ave, Sanford)
       Men should bring sides and drinks.
o Sunday @ 12:30pm: BBQ & Baptism (At the Adcox’s Home, 2845 Pine Way, Sanford)
       Everyone should bring sides and drinks.


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